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    Booking and Processing Explained

    If you have undergone the process of being “Booked” into Jail, it indicates that you were taken to the jail facility for the purpose of being officially documented through fingerprinting and photography. Typically, individuals remain in custody until their release, which can be achieved through one of four methods. Three of these methods require appearing before a judge for releases known as “Own Recognizance Release,” “Third Party Release,” and “Pretrial Services Release.” The fourth method, referred to as “Bond,” can be facilitated either by the arresting officer informing you of the bond amount based on a “Bonding Schedule” or by attending a court hearing where the judge will determine the bond amount.

    4th Ave Jail – Phoenix, AZ

    If you are facing a felony case within the Phoenix Metro area, it is possible that you will be housed at the 4th Avenue Jail. To gather more details about the 4th Avenue Jail, kindly click here. We are located close to this facility, allowing us to easily arrange visits upon request. In the event that you have landed on this page seeking assistance in securing the release of someone held at the 4th Avenue Jail, please consult us.

    Even if you have been arrested outside the Phoenix Metro area, we are available to provide assistance. We encourage you to contact TedLaw today and speak with one of our attorneys regarding your experience.